$> “By 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet’s impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine’s.” – Nobel Laureate, Dr. Paul Krugman.  Amazon?  Paypal?  eBay?  Being able to talk, share data, or play the same computer game with people half way across the world, instantaneously? Being able to watch or listen to almost anything you want, at anytime?  Meh.  Fax machine.

$> Group of people kidnaps 46-year-old-man and threatens to hold him hostage for 25 years for engaging with said group’s under-cover informant / rat in the voluntary exchange of prescription medication for counterfeit currency assumed to be “Federal Reserve Notes.”  Group presumably justifies action by claiming it was for the protection of the people (especially “the children”) who reside within the 3,536,294 mile2 area over which it asserts authority.

$> Given this week’s mega-drama regarding the Bob Wenzel and Stephan Kinsella IP debate, I thought my discovery of this clip of Karl Bartos (formerly of the very influential band, Kraftwerk) saying that musicians should “copy” others’ music, was great timing and pleasantly surprising.  The melody he’s referring to is the main melody in the song “Computer Love,” (1981) which you may recognize from the Coldplay song “Talk.”

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