Fun with Numbers

I like the BFP posts on how much $ the DoD is spending on military contracts. BFP sums up the DoD‘s daily numbers and releases them in a post, each month. Take a look, if you like.

Jan: $15,530,647,963
Feb: $32,625,578,305
Mar: $34,742,395,713
April: $29,177,364,278
May: $13,443,306,335
June: $34,247,537,088
July: $15,136,162,557
Aug: $24,843,125,595

2014: $199,746,117,834

There are about 319 million people in the US. Of course, some of us are paying higher extortion fees than others, but if we assume it’s distributed evenly, then:

$199,746m / 319m people = $626 / person

And we still have 3.5 months of the year left to go. Pretty crazy to think about how much of our “money” is being spent on stuff that, at least, I didn’t consent to.

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1 Response to Fun with Numbers

  1. Guy Scarnati says:

    Je pense que tu es très drôle. Nous le faisons…..nous le faisons pour les enfants!

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